Oh Captain, My Captain – An Avengers: Endgame Review and A Love Letter to Marvel

Right. House Keeping moment – IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ENDGAME, GO AWAY

I’m going to ruin the film. I’m going to spoil it all. Because I can’t rant about this film without spoiling it! Because holy shit, this film took my expectations and smashed them out of the park with a Mjolnir-sized lightning bolt!

Have they gone?

Have the people who don’t want spoiled gone?

Fuck off, I’m going to spoil it!

Okay, they’ve got to be gone now.

This film is so damn near perfect. I didn’t think Infinity War could be topped! I just… Didn’t! And then along comes Endgame. As a note; this is not Infinity War Part 2. This is a very very separate film, they compliment each other perfectly. While Infinity War is a huge punch up, with our heroes separated and an impending doom hanging over the whole film, Endgame is a film of hope, team work, and some good old fashioned Avenging. Also, Infinity War gave everyone their moment, all the characters got to be a badass at one point or another (Thor coming out on top with ‘BRING. ME. THANOS!’ But we’ll come back to that moment later.) Endgame steps back from the newer Avengers (the ones that are fucking left anyway), and gives everything to the Original Six. Every single one of those amazing characters gets their moment here at least once, but I want to look at the Holy Trinity. The Golden Trio. Earth’s Greatest Avengers.

Thor. Basically Thor through this whole movie is great. The Russo Brothers and Taika Waititi fixed his character immesrably, they made him into my favourite Avenger for a while (Come to my favourite in a moment). Now we get Tubby Thor! A Thor I can relate to! And I love him. But the moment he turns from The Dude in Big Lebowski to The God of Fucking Thunder we know and love, I was overjoyed. A newly returned Mjolnir in one hand and the big, badass Stormbreaker in the other, and a sick as fuck braided beard, I was there for it. Thor finally looked like the Norse Warrior he was supposed to be. He was The God of Thunder again. I loved him. He’s still my second favourite Avenger.

Iron-Man is a fucking hero, everyone knows this. Tony Stark has always been what the universe needs. His emotional breakdown at the start of the movie was spot on, his conflict between saving the universe and the possibility of losing his family, his ultimate final gambit to save the world. His story has never felt more perfectly realised. And it all ended how it should; he faced the Endgame and he gave his all. The moment Thanos tried to snap his fingers a second time, looked round and Tony had all the stones in his hand… Goosebumps. RDJ is a spectacular actor and what he has done for the character of Tony Stark will never be forgotten. Goddamn it, I fucking love you Tony Stark. You sit nicely on par with Thor, even if the lightning charged fucker does get more badass moments than you. You did indeed have a heart.

But we come to the title of this ramble: Oh Captain, My Fucking Captain. Cap was easily my least favourite in the first Avengers movie; he was just sort of boring. Whedon didn’t really know what to do with him, I think. But you know who does know Cap? The Russo Brothers. Because he has gone from my ‘meh’ Avenger to the Best Avenger over the course of their movies; Winter Soldier I enjoyed, Cap was cool. Civil War I loved, Cap had such a flip in that movie tonally. Infinity War I adored, Cap got his badass Waverly Train-station moment, stepping out of the shadows like a boss, he had his cool as fuck beard, and he was the only guy to take Thanos, get knocked on his ass, and get up again and go for round 2. Endgame, however, Endgame sees Cap become who he has always meant to be. The one who helps people move on. The one who is willing to do everything. The one who stood against a thousand. I think that was my favourite shot of the whole movie; Cap standing, silhouetted against the ash-streaked skyline, with Thanos and his thousand goons standing, pouring out onto Earth before him. And you know what? He looked like he was ready to take them all on if he had to. Because that’s my Cap. That’s my favourite Avenger. And quite rightly so, because he has the best lines, the best fight scene, and my new favourite moment in cinema history. If you’d asked me yesterday what that was; I’d have replied Thor’s entrance to Wakanda in Infinity War. I used to tear up just thinking about how I felt in the cinema in that moment. But today? Today that moment is Mjolnir being lifted, the hand off-screen. Because I just knew, there’s only one other worthy enough to lift that thing, and it’s my Captain. It’s Steve ‘I can do this all day’ Rogers. Easily. Easily. Captain America is the greatest of the Avengers, and if you can’t see that… Well, get out of my Blog. Go away. You’re wrong. Tony saved the world, yes. But Cap saved my soul.

So, if you can’t already tell, I loved this film. It’s the kind of film that just elicits excitement. It just encourages adrenaline and joy and emotion. And fuck, you feel emotion don’t you?

The special effects and cinematography are spot on as always. I’d say Thanos doesn’t look as good as he did in Infinity War, but then again, this isn’t his film. Infinity War was his chance to shine, and he had his spotlight. But everything else was spot on. The way this film is shot is also beautiful. I spoke about that shot of Cap facing Thanos’ horde, but that’s only one. The whole end of this film looks like a spectacular, fully realised Renaissance painting, hordes of Super-heroic angels fighting Thanos’ demon horde. Vormir remains the coolest planet Marvel have ever created, that Limbo-like vista they have is just something beautiful.

And the parallel between Hawkeye and Thanos in the water on Vormir? Loved. It. Thanos, quietly accepting his small victory, while Hawkeye cries over what he has just lost? Beautiful. All the callbacks in this film were amazing. The Elevator scene with Cap? Amazing. Peter and Tony hugging as they’re reunited looking so similar to when he was ashed in the previous film? Brilliant. I’m sure there’s a bunch I’ve missed as well, but I’ll see the film again at some point, so I’ll no doubt find some more.

I went into this film expecting to enjoy it, to love it even. Fuck, to worship it. But to still be able to find flaws. And yes, I could sit here and nit-pick, and grump, and groan (Like I do with almost everything else). I could complain about the convenience of everyone’s arrival in this film. I could whinge about the time-line buggery that went on, because those timelines that The Ancient One warned about are certainly buggered. But I won’t. Because Marvel, you’ve won my respect. Time and time again, you’ve earned it, more than anyone else.

I remember being 8 years old watching Iron Man in the cinema with my Papa and my Dad. My Papa just loved action movies, and my Dad was a super-hero geek as a kid. I had no idea what I was in for. I came out buzzing. I remember seeing Avengers with my Mum and Dad, my mum just watching because she thought Chris Hemsworth was hot, and my Dad watching, thinking it would be impossible to do an Avengers film. I came out overjoyed by what I’d seen. I remember watching Civil War 4 times in the cinema, because none of my friends could make it to the one showing, so I went with them all separately. I remember getting more and more excited every time I saw it. And I remember Infinity War. Midnight showing. I remember thinking ‘This film won’t be what I want it to be. The good guys will win, or it’ll be some stupid half-way cliffhanger.’ I remember leaving in tears. And I remember thinking ‘This film was exactly what I wanted it to be.’

Endgame. You beautiful motherfucker. You were everything I wanted and more. You gave me joy, you gave me sorrow, and you gave me a satisfaction I didn’t know I could feel. You gave me a film dedicated to 11 years of cinema that I will never forget. You gave me the Avengers Assembled one last time.

Marvel. It’s been 11 long years, and in that time, you’ve seen me through a lot. And you’ve never done me wrong (Well, there was Thor: The Dark World, but we all make mistakes). I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I woke up this morning, a feeling like I was content. 11 years of my life, wrapped up in such a beautiful package. So thank you, Marvel Studios. Thank you Kevin Feige. Thank you Joe and Anthony Russo, James Gunn, Taika Waititi, Joss Whedon and all the other directors and producers who have made this films possible. Thank you Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and every other actor who has earned their right to call themselves an Avenger. And most of all, thank you and Rest in Peace Stan Lee, you magnificent bastard. I’m gonna miss you.

And you lot, whoever the fuck reads this… As always, Thanks fur reading 🙂

P.S. – I will come back to this film after a couple other viewings. Wouldn’t be The Grumpy Scotsman blog if I didn’t grump about something. But right now I’m just too caught up in the emotional aftermath of that film to actually deal with any problems that it may have had.

One thought on “Oh Captain, My Captain – An Avengers: Endgame Review and A Love Letter to Marvel

  1. Good review, ya grumpy bastard. You have absolutely captured my favourite elements of Endgame, Tony rocks as Iron Man and Dad, Cap is just superb and he got his dance (I’m not crying, you’re crying). But for me there was a wee bit in Thor’s story that warmed my heart. He had obviously sunk into a depression, something I sadly have a bit of experience with, but when it came to it he was still ‘worthy’ to wield Mjolnir. Thank you Russo Bro’s for that.
    An awesome film to end the first phase of what is quite simply the best cinema ever made. Thank you Marvel and god bless you Stan Lee, gone but never forgotten. Excelsior!

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