And So It Begins – An Introduction


Chances are, you’re here because you’re a friend of mine and you want to read more of my ramblings (Fuck knows why). If so, hey! Thanks for stopping by! Unless, maybe, you’re unbelievably lost on the deep dark cesspit that is the internet and you have no idea who I am… Then god fucking help you, because you’ve certainly found one of the deeper and darker corners.

Anyway, welcome to the blog none-the-less. This has no purpose really, other than the fact I ramble. A lot. I do it daily to my friends and colleagues. I do it any time I finish a book and I post to Goodreads. I do it when an episode of Game of Thrones is over and I want to complain about how nonsensical that show has become! See, I’m doing it already. So, after a brief conversation with a friend (big shoutout to Ania, this was her idea!), I though I’d put this shit somewhere on the internet. Because screaming and ranting is cathartic, and sometimes the void is the best place to scream to, you can’t annoy the void because it’s just that; the void.

That’s really it, honestly. That’s why I’m here. I’ll post reviews of films and TV shows and books and maybe the odd D&D tale when I feel like it. I’ll rant about my life a little, things that annoy me, funny anecdotes, some stories that might be of any form of worth (Note: This will all be nonsense and of no real value to anyone, so please, be aware of that).

Some house-keeping; I swear a whole fucking lot, I’m a Grumpy Scotsman after all. I will talk about Spoilers for things unashamedly. I am hyper-critical of the things I love and I’m really fucking pedantic sometimes. So if you’re wanting to stick this shit through and read my ramblings, then you’re welcome; but buckle in for some chaos.

Hope you enjoy your stay in this Tartan landscape.

Cheers fur reading.

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